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     Jason E. Jones is a Chicago born, self taught artist who holds a BFA in Interior Desigh from the International Academy of Design, Chicago, IL.

     Painting started out as a hobby for Jason after a friend took him to and art supply store where he purchased two shopping bag full of art supplies. Trying to recreate some of this favorite abstract paintings he realized he couldn't duplicate what he liked.  "Painting a slash and a circle is not as easy as it looks" states Jason.  But in the process Jason was learning about painting thru trying diffrent techniques.  During this time he developed his own style and understanding of art.  His friends would come by his home and ask if Jason would paint something for them and he would,  At the end of the month he realized he was a little short on cash because he'd spent it all on supplies and donated his work to friends and family.  After working for a major health insurance corporation for fourteen years Jason decided to devote full-time to his passion.  

     Jason is internationally recognized for his extensive use of gold leaf and indigenous materials such as sand from Chicago's 63rd street beach. Some of Jason's work is created in a style he coined "Painted Collage" where his paintings resemble a collage of torn papers.

     Since the start of Jason's career as a visual artist he has been recognized by numerous art galleries, taught art, involved in auctions and fundraisers for charity and won awards.

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